DOOOZz Sleep Natural Bionite


DOOOZz was developed to assist natural sleep by strongly reducing the disturbing side effects of Wi-Fi and other radiation.


Bionite is a non-toxic orgonite used to solve sleeping problems and other health damage caused by Wi-Fi and antennas. DOOOZz will assist you in regaining your natural sleep in the wireless era.  For adult users.  For Children, see under DOOOZz Junior.

DOOOZz represents a series of natural material based products which protects people from the damaging effects of Wi-Fi and other radiation sources. It does so by an informed orgonfield, much stronger than the field of an average epoxy resin orgonite.

DOOOZz products were invented early 2014 in the centre of Amsterdam where they are challenged by several antennas and 61 Wi-Fi fields at peak hours. The first product in this series, the DOOOZz Sleep Natural Bionite was developed by inventor Benjamin Adamah for his wife, as she suffered sleepless nights for over a week. After testing the product also in his circle of friends, recording the same positive results, DOOOZz became popular by word of mouth, with the result that this small Dutch company is now delivering to customers in 8 countries.

Bionite is non-toxic orgonite used to solve sleeping problems and other health damage caused by Wi-Fi and antennas Many customers notice much better results with DOOOZz products than other anti-radiation products on the market. Animals react positively to DOOOZz and plants (badly affected by Wi-Fi) react strongly on them.

  • DOOOZz products use non-toxic natural base material instead of poisonous epoxy resin and hardeners.
  • DOOOZz products interact with, and nourish, our natural energy field on a deep level and can actually repair severe radiation complaints such as extreme EHS.
  • DOOOZz orgon fields have been confirmed with Kirlian video, PIP (NEV) Photography and indirectly with a simple Hertz field detector. (DOOOZz products can reduce them to zero in test positions).
  • DOOOZz restarts our natural 3 detoxification mechanisms after this got blocked by radiation (radiation blocks the cell communication and therefore our natural mechanism to get rid of toxins).
  • DOOOZz products are handmade with care. They are not designed to look beautiful as many orgonite products online for sale do, but to improve your health and restore well-being on the one hand and to protect you from more damage.
  • DOOOZz products are reported by many customers to restore a feeling of rest and relaxation in their homes. Some customers describe their home as becoming a kind of oasis of peace in the Wi-Fi ocean and really regained their feeling of home. USE DOOOZz PRODUCTS WITH CARE.
  • DOOOZz products cannot be used in combination with tachyons.
  • DOOOZz products are used indoors and should not be placed in the hot sun behind glass as the material may deform slightly when heated.
  • Due to its organic composition DOOOZz products are a bit fragile compared to epoxy resin products, so handle them with a bit more care.
  • DOOOZz Sleep Natural Bionite was developed for adults and adolescents sleeping problems. For childrens’ rooms please use the DOOOZz JUNIOR, which was especially designed for children.
  • Always transport DOOOZz Sleep Natural Bionite, DOOOZz Sleep Natural Femina and DOOOZz Sensual in the can in which they are sold! Especially for a good sleep informed orgonfields are blocked by the metal. Put them also back in the can when you’re getting up in the morning to prevent habituation to the field.

Set of two pieces in a metal can.  Designed for a natural deep and relaxing sleep and good nightly recovery in an area that is full of Wi-Fi or broadcasting masts.  Also recommended for people who wish to recover from chronic radiation sensitivity (EHS).

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